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Data Protection: If you become a member of FOCS you are automatically agreeing that we may hold your name, address and email on our database. This is for the purpose of our sending you magazines, or querying something with you, only. We will not give your details to anyone without your prior permission.

The FOCS Magazine

A year’s membership covers the magazines and booklets for May, August, November and February. If, for example, you join in July, you will be sent the May magazine, and then will receive the others when they come out. If you join in October, you will be sent the May and August magazines and then the others when they come out. If you join in November or December you will be given an option of what you want to do. Your subscription is then due after you have received the February magazine.

Here is the front cover of the August 2020 magazine. The magazine, Onwards and Upwards, is normally 76 pages, and is illustrated in full-colour. Here are some page extracts from the August magazine

The FOCS small booklets

In addition you receive two small booklets:

Ripping Reads – printed in full colour, this time 16 pages, about other books. Here is the front page of the August RR

Sales and Wants – printed on white, 16 pages, the books which members want to sell and buy. Here is the front page of the August sales & wants

The Lending Library

Members who live in the UK and Europe are also able to use our Lending Library, which has copies of all EBD’s books, as well as a wide range of other material. This is run by Hilary Boulton, and you will find her details on the inside of the back cover of the magazine when you join.